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All written posts within this blog were created and/or inspired solely for theyellowpetunia and are all an exclusive product of You are more than welcome to use photos and/or text from this blog as long as you have been granted written permission by theyellowpetunia and credit its origins back to the original source. In turn, if I ever end up posting something that is not credited correctly, please contact me and I will do my utmost to correct it immediately.

theyellowpetunia is a lifestyle blog and brand. I would LOVE to collaborate with like-minded bloggers, websites, designers, philanthropists and destinations. Please review the theyellowpetunia and consider if your brand is a good fit for the nature of this blog. Never hesitate to contact me regarding a collaboration {or just to say hello!} by e-mailing

Any item that has been gifted to Ashley and/or theyellowpetunia will be labeled “c/o” below each post. I will not post anything I truly do not believe in and love {publicity is in the passion!}, and all opinions are my own.

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