“…choose to shine”

Welcome! My name is Ashley. For the past decade I have worked in hospitality, retail, publishing, fashion and real estate {a true renaissance woman.} I was born in Delaware {the first state!} and now reside in Florida {the sunshine state!} My intense interest in culture and “people watching” has taken me around the globe–in particular extended stays in Italy, Jordan {my second home!,} Malaysia and on several cruise ships and Caribbean islands {my heart is always at sea!} I love all things yellow, nautical, musical, historical and cultural. I am a humanitarian at heart and enjoy helping others succeed in pursuing their dreams. My lucky charm is a little plush piglet named Petunia {she’ll be making appearances here and there.} My nicknames are "The Duchess" and Snow White. I aspire one day to be an amazing wife and mother. Most importantly, it is my fervent hope to "bridge the gap" and establish cross-cultural dialogue, especially when it comes to women, youth, education, health and peace. 

Why The Yellow Petunia?

The color yellow has come to represent words like wisdom, joy, happiness and sunshine…while petunia flowers are uplifting, soothing and sacred. Combine these two beautiful things together and we gain happiness, optimism and love.

It is my utmost desire that through this blog, I can give you a special glimpse into the eclectic world I am privileged to be a part of…and inspire each and every one of you with my passions for travel, fashion, culture and philanthropy.

Best wishes and sunshine!

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