The Simple Life: Spotlight on Emily Ley

Earlier this year, I walked into a Target. I really felt at a crossroads concerning my own path and decided I would look to see if there were any new and inspiring books out. That's when I came across a bright pink hardcover book with a beautiful title, "Grace Not Perfection." It seemed intriguing as I skimmed the pages. I had never heard of Emily Ley, but figured this book was something worth buying. Little did I know it would change my life! I was immediately hooked on her brand and her vision--someone else in the world {and a Florida gal!} struggling with the idea of perfection and how to simplify and enjoy all the important {and little!} things in life. This book and this woman brought me back to center {thanks, Emily!} I've been calmer, happier and more organized ever since. I started eliminating all of the "clutter" in my life--not just material things but people as well. I made a commitment to always be surrounded by goodness and genuineness--grace, not perfection.

 After visiting her amazingly fun set of websites {the shop, the blog, the playbook!} I decided to purchase my first Simplified Planner. I even got it monogrammed {check out all of my Instagram posts!} I've tried so many planners over the years--Lilly Pulitzer, Rifle Paper Co., Vera Bradley--and they were ALL beautiful--but nothing seemed to stick, until now. Every time I open my gold pineapple planner, I feel empowered and joyful and want to create days and memories full of meaning. I use it not only as a calendar, but a place to post my thoughts, dreams and desires {yes, there's also a 2017 bucket list page--and yes, more cruising was on my list!} 

Emily has so many fun products for purchase on the site! Some of my favorites are the new Recipe Binder, Pineapple Pen Cup & elegant paper clips! She also has free printables for everything under the sun--from spring cleaning to blogging to fitness--it's a one-stop-shop!

If you haven't done so, I encourage each and every one of you to read the book, buy the planner and start a simpler, happier life full of meaning. I promise you that you'll never regret the simple things--tried and true tradition, the feel of an actual book and pen in your hand and an organized, simplified, grace not perfection lifestyle. 

The new covers for 2018 will be revealed in two days on May 10th--with ordering soon after! 


  1. Love this post. Muah- AshLee

  2. I love the simplified planner, it is so cute.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence - Aubrey

  3. Love.