Emily Ley + The Simplified Planner, Part II {Cover Reveal + Launch Day!}

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley


Launch day is officially here! If you read my blog regularly, you'll know that I am obsessed and hooked on all things Emily Ley {see my previous post here}--especially her most lovely product of all--The Simplified Planner. On May 10th, covers were revealed for the new academic {available now!} and calendar year {available in September!} editions. I am in love with all of the updates in style and efficiency. This year I've been using the pineapple style + and next year I'm planning on the fancy floral--but quite truthfully, I think I need all of them because they're just so fashionable! This year, Emily has added not only stickers {YAY!} but helpful hints as to how you can continue to simplify your life, month-to-month. In the above photos are some of the examples of how to use your planner--whether your schedule is super hectic or has the utmost balance {lucky you!} The SP team has also re-designed the magnificent boxes that the planners come in--and they are a great edition to one's bookshelf {and the perfect place to keep all of your paper mementos!}

I always stress, that when you purchase the agenda, you'll want the accessories, and below is a list of some of my absolute favorites:

All of these products are so elegantly presented and make the PERFECT gift for moms, teachers and best friends! 

So it is my fervent hope that you fall in love with these items and this lifestyle as much as I have over the past year. Emily Ley will make your life more confident, stylish + bright!

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