Dear Black Girl

Words cannot begin to express just how blessed I am to call Cassandra Pryor my friend. This beautiful woman is the heart and soul behind "Dear Black Girl" and she is on a mission to bring hope, acceptance and love to young girls the world over. 

I am in awe daily at how selfless and giving she is--whether it's volunteering in her community or just texting me a random sentence of inspiration and kindness to brighten my day--she is one of the most genuine spirits you'll ever know. 

But wait...there's more! She's also the author of this lovely journal {that I personally believe should be on every little girl's book shelf, every museum and foundation bookstore, every school library...well, everywhere!} Full of quotes and letters {+ a cover illustration that just makes me melt!}--this is the perfect gift for a daughter, sister or friend. 

Thank you, Cassandra, for making this world a better place and reminding us all that character, confidence and class are so important. {and thank you "Auntie Ellen" for bringing us together!} Visit dearblackgirl.com to purchase the journal, Ellen TV, or Go Fund Me--and if you have any special requests, want a signed copy, etc.--then contact me and we'll make it happen! 

Love you, Cassandra--you are a true QUEEN! xx 

left to right: Cassandra, Ellen DeGeneres and Cassandra's sister Melody

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