Petunia Picks: Tory Burch x Downton Abbey

With the finale of my favorite drama, Downton Abbey, rapidly approaching--I thought it would be a perfect time to showcase some of my favorite pieces, that in my dream world, I secretly believed Tory Burch designed with this Masterpiece Classic in mind. Each episode I watch, I can't help but think that Lady Mary must be wearing the Lowell Riding Boot, or Lady Edith is editing away in London decked out in the newest bow blouse. And of course, no dinner party would be complete without being fashionably late in an over-the-top tapestry coat. Even those pants remind me of the library decor!

Thoughts of the Dowager Countess basking in the sun of the Mediterranean reminded me to shop all of the new and wonderful styles of this year's Resort Collection. Inspired by "boyish charm," you can't help but be taken back to a simpler time.

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  1. Amazing collection! Everything's fab!
    Mademoiselle Coconath