Tate's Bake Shop

Today I want to share with you my love for Tate's Bake Shop. A beloved establishment in The Hamptons for years, it is one of the few bakeries in America described as "worth putting miles on the odometer." Even The Barefoot Contessa raves about Tate's "scrumptious earthy treats."

I first came across their glorious delicacies in the most unusual of places--Walt Disney World. A few years back, Heritage Manor Gifts (located in the American Pavilion at Epcot--and where I once worked!) turned their shop into a showcase of American made products. Tate's Bake Shop was one of the brands featured. These little packages of cookies--simple to the eye--created excitement I had never seen in the Manor. Everyone, even international guests, seemed to know about Tate's and their addictive cookies. Chocolate Chip. Oatmeal Raisin. Gluten-Free. They flew off the shelves and became a sought-after item for anyone visiting World Showcase.

Once I tried them, I realized what all the hype was about. These cookies are indescribably delicious--a must on one's list! The texture, the taste, the variety--classic and fabulous.

Tate's founder, Kathleen King, began her love for baking back when she was 11, and in 1980, at only 21 years of age, she opened her first bake shop. Since then, she has successfully developed a full line of traditional American baked goods. Pure happiness + pure quality--with awards to prove it. Tate's won the 2011 Gold Sofi Award for Best Cookie.

Now it's your turn to try one of my favorites! I highly recommend the Double Chocolate Chip + Butterscotch Pecan. You can also purchase Variety Packs and Gift Baskets.

Now through April 5th, receive 20% Off All Gifts with the code SPRING15. You can also sign up for their newsletter or use the code SAVE10 at checkout for 10% off cookies, brownies, pies + cakes. They even have cookbooks!

...and if you're ever at Disney, make sure to pick up a small pack of cookies in Heritage Manor. They are the perfect patriotic snack for a walk "around the world."

Happy Weekend, xo 


  1. This shop is so cute! Thanks for sharing - now I want to buy something there :)
    Many thanks for your joyful words on my blog. Your blog is made with love and now I want to ask you if you want to follow each other?
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  2. Such a great post dear. I love your photos.
    Have a beautiful day.

  3. Beautiful place.Great post!

  4. I could use this bag of cookies, look so delish.


  5. Oh my gosh! Are those the amazing thin crispy ones? I'm obsessed with these and couldn't remember where they were from! Love this store highlight!


    1. Yes! These are the amazing crispy, ultra-delicious cookies! : ) Do you have a favorite? Let me know! Have a fantastic week. xo Ash

  6. Love these cookies! They are so good dunked in milk :) (As all cookies should be right?!) Thanks for highlighting this cute shop!