Tone It Up

Once upon a time, in sunny Southern California, two best friends--Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson--came up with an idea that would change the world as we know it. That idea was Tone It Up, and words cannot even begin to express my depths of appreciation for these beautiful women. The concept was based around fitness and nutrition--but the end result lead to a greater purpose--a brand that inspires integrity, compassion, confidence and sisterhood. Tone It Up is a lifestyle--where you are encouraged to shine bright in all ways--promoting overall health and well-being--physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Karena and Katrina may be in fabulous shape--but they are not intimidating. They are real woman who have had real struggles. They incorporate their life lessons and experiences into all they do-- ready to reach out a loving hand to each and every devoted follower and friend. They aren't a "quick fix." Their approach to fitness and nutrition is a process--one that you can be proud of because the end result is always of quality.

Their Beach Babe DVDs and the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan are easy to follow and teach us that we can make working out and eating right fun. I wake up each morning actually looking forward to my "booty call," Perfect Fit Protein Pancake or Bombshell Spell. Their tricks and tips are bound to bring out a glow--directly from your soul. And when you're happy from the inside out--it has such a positive effect on your relationships, dreams, goals, values and lifestyle choices.

The Tone It Up community is a fabulous environment to share your story with others. It's an amazing place of encouragement and support. In fact, I have met several new lifelong friends through Tone It Up (Georgia from Diary of an Aspiring Beach Babe and Kristyn from Creative with Kristyn to name a few!)

Karena and Katrina's products are also top-notch. I never go anywhere without a Perfect Fit Bar (Perfect Fit Protein is the BEST Organic Plant-Based Protein on the market!) and I love their collaboration with Oakley and Maaji. Wearing something with the Tone It Up logo makes me an ambassador for the most exclusive--yet welcoming--club out there!

Visit Tone It Up today and experience all that Karena and Katrina have to offer. Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat. Live happy and healthy. Ride the wave. Savor a sunrise and a beautiful new day. Always have a warm heart, and feel confident to express your unique and amazing self! Be creative. Be adventurous. Be healthy. Stay blessed.

Thank you, K + K, for being my sisters, role models, trainers, wonder women, and beach babes! 

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