Poshmark. I cannot begin to tell you just how passionate I am about this amazing company. The app, the website, the blog, the community, the friendships--everything about it is a cut above the rest.

I stumbled upon Poshmark back in the spring of 2013, and I have had a love-affair with all things "posh" ever since. For those of you who are not familiar with what it's all about, Poshmark is a very special place where you can buy and sell new or gently-worn women's clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. With all of the trends and options out there in today's world, Poshmark makes it easy to buy something you love, wear it a few times, and then sell it to someone else who can treasure it as much as you did. Or, maybe if you're like me, you have bought something with the best of intention, thrown it in the back of your closet, and once you pull it out again, realize the style, size, or color just isn't right for you anymore. Solution? Sell it on Poshmark! There is always going to be someone somewhere looking for your fabulous item.

Not only is Poshmark my #1 choice to buy and sell--it is also a place to get social and make lasting friendships. I have met and communicated with so many beautiful women through Poshmark. They "share" items in my closet, and I "share" items in theirs. We help each other prosper, and that's a lovely concept. The best part of all, is that all of the women and men who work at Poshmark are accessible and here to help you succeed--whether it be through the FAQ section, or standing by you with Posh Protect--you can feel comfortable and safe from beginning to end--seller or buyer!

Please visit my closet on a regular basis by clicking HERE, or on the Poshmark logo on my sidebar. I am always adding beautiful items and consider all offers within reason. I always enjoy updating my real closet and sharing my "pre-loved" items or fabulous new finds (at incredible discounts) with my readers!

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