Make The Past The Present

I know, I know...for most of you, we are halfway through the last day of the Tory Burch Private Sale. You are probably wondering why I wish to blog about it now--but there is no time like the present--because there will be another sale, and if it's anything like this one, it will be fantastic! I admit, sale prices are still sometimes too high. However, this time I feel that the team has created some amazing deals--truly making these sale items the definition of "affordable luxury." 

So what if it's a past season blouse? Why does that have to be such an evil phrase in fashion? Just because everyone else has already worn it and is on to the next hot item doesn't mean you shouldn't rock it. It just makes you smarter actually--because you saved some money and still look gorgeous. I've always been fond of saving the best for last...and wearing it better than the rest. : )

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