Knowing Me, Knowing You

Since this blog is brand new...and we are all in the process of getting to know one another...I thought I would do a fun post with 29 fun facts about myself (the 29 for my age...and the fun facts for a "breaking the ice" maybe we have something random in common "aha" moment!) 

1. I am an only child.

2. I am left-handed.

3. I am the Imelda Marcos of Tory Burch flip-flops.

4. I sometimes have emotional meltdowns at 4-way stops (crazy Florida drivers!) 

5. One of my nicknames is Snow White.

6. I'm 5'7 (and a half.)

7. I drop everything I am doing every four years to watch the World Cup with intensity.

8. My favorite ice cream flavor is Ben + Jerry's Chunky Monkey.

9. I once had my tonsils taken out and was rewarded with a plush rabbit from a Rockefeller.

10. I collect signed copies of my favorite books.

11. I love to travel.

12. I secretly want to sing with the live karaoke band on a cruise ship--and not the off-key kind of karaoke...but the I belt out "Let it Go" in perfect pitch and so amazingly that everyone from decks 5-8 look down into the lobby in awe. : )

13. The lucky charms in my wallet are a poker chip from the Jewel of the Seas and a Cayman Island Dollar.

14. I can go into any store and pick out the most expensive item without even trying (some say it's a gift.)

15. My mom is my best friend.

16. My dad once worked for Time, Inc./ Life Magazine in New York City.

17. I sponsor two beautiful elephants, Ndara + Ashaka, through The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. I also sponsor a child with World Vision named Mary. She lives in Kenya and lights up my world with her lovely smile.

18. I finished high school a year and a half early.

19. I think that the Doge's Palace in Epcot's Italian Pavilion is more impressive than the actual one in Venice.

20. I refuse to eat in any Italian restaurant where the menu items are not displayed in proper Italian grammar.

21. I was asked out on a date by the lead singer of The Script (and I politely declined because I had no clue who he was.)

22. My favorite thing to do is "people watch"--airports, Disney, buffets on ships--it's so entertaining.

23. My favorite sport to watch in the Olympics is gymnastics because I have a strange obsession with Tim Daggett's mostly "they could do better" commentary.

24. I once played the violin and piano. Actually, I can still play the piano but only if I use those books where the notes are big and bold and have the letters in the middle of them. 

25. The Truffle Fries at Disney's Wilderness Lodge's Territory Lounge changed my life (don't ask me why...I just seemed to have developed into a better person since I ate them.)

26. My favorite wine is the Graham Beck Gamekeeper's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

27. To this day, I have never recovered from the demolishing of The Golden Girls' house on Disney's MGM (pardon my french) Studios "Residential Street." How on earth could a new stunt show be more important than daydreaming of 1980s Miami?!

28. I walk my community every morning--usually doing 3-4 miles.

29. I am so thankful for my life and am always looking for ways to spread sunshine and happiness.

Now, it's your turn. Leave a comment and tell me a few random facts about yourself. I would love to get to know what makes you YOU!


  1. What an amazing blog Ashley!!!!! 1.My name is Chandra and it means "moon" in Sanskirt. 2. I hope to retire in the Caribbean. 3 I'm obsessed with reality wedding shows!! I just love a good wedding. Enough about me. God bless your terrific blog!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words + all of the positive vibes and love for this new blog! You are a great friend! I appreciate you sharing a few "fun facts" with me! I never knew your name meant "moon" in Sanskrit--so beautiful. I am also glad we share a love of the Caribbean--I'm always in the car listening to reggae or Key West-style music--dreaming of the beaches and clear blue water! xo