Intention + Purpose

FYI...I plan to make this blog unique. I'm not saying that I don't love to read the blogs that focus on how to apply eye shadow properly, or how to style the color of the year with autumn's hottest boots. Sure, I will have style and beauty posts. However, I want to make this blog more than just about me or material things. I'd like to think I'm interesting, and I do love clothes, handbags and shoes--but I want to blog with intention--or at least my version of it. I want to highlight what's right in the world...causes I support...places I find peace...people I admire. I want to reach out to all demographics, especially young women, and give each and every one of you a place to be inspired, learn something new, and dream. I want you to feel free to ask me questions on life, love, health--anything your heart desires. I want to make a difference. Be your big sister. Be a friend. Just be. Each post represents honesty, truth and my genuine spirit for all things beautiful.

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