Two Little Birds

Bob Marley had three little birds. Chantel Waterbury has just two--but powerful and mighty are they. In 2010, she started a social retail brand that uses independent sales associates, or "merchandisers," to sell unique and affordable jewelry online and in the comfort of one's own home through "pop-up" parties. The company (and the birds), Chloe + Isabel, represent the friendship philosophy--ideals, balance, modern, vintage, classic, cool. One is yellow, one is blue--and together they are golden.

I feel so blessed to be a merchandiser with this fantastic company and concept, and I look forward to sharing our exquisite collections with you. Each piece is designed in New York City, branded with signature c+i closures, and packaged in an adorable keepsake pouch. All jewelry is hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead safe, and the best part of all is that there is a LIFETIME guarantee! The collections vary in inspiration--the sea, exotic travels, and our newest--Botanica. We also have our exclusive Birthstones and Tresors collections. You are guaranteed to find something special with Chloe + Isabel!

I encourage you to browse my boutique either by clicking HERE or the super cute logo in my sidebar. Become a part of my super-exclusive shopping network today! And follow along here on the blog for new and exciting updates and collections.

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