Bringing the Happy Back to Halloween

Today is our national "spooky" holiday, and I feel that it is very important to address an issue close to my heart--the TRUE meaning of Halloween (in my opinion, of course!) I am all for children dressing up and walking the neighborhood in hopes of peanut butter cups and other treats--but I am not for using Halloween to promote horror, ignorance, and violence. What happened to being your favorite princess, fireman, or doctor (and not the Ebola kind!) Why don't parents encourage their kids to channel their heroes and role models? Sure, it may be fun to see a young girl dressed like Kim K., but at what cost? It's degrading and demoralizing--and certainly doesn't teach us to value ourselves. It just teaches us that it's exciting to poke fun at nothing of substance. And when it comes to decorations, what happened to a nice wreath, cute black cat, and a bunch of friendly pumpkins and spiders? Why is it acceptable to encourage torture and catastrophe? When I was growing up, I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, a clown (no---not the chainsaw wheeling kind!), and a cute girl in a 1950s poodle skirt.

So this year, encourage the making of happy memories and new traditions. Eat the candy, have the fun, and most importantly be safe in all ways.

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