Bringing the Happy Back to Halloween

Today is our national "spooky" holiday, and I feel that it is very important to address an issue close to my heart--the TRUE meaning of Halloween (in my opinion, of course!) I am all for children dressing up and walking the neighborhood in hopes of peanut butter cups and other treats--but I am not for using Halloween to promote horror, ignorance, and violence. What happened to being your favorite princess, fireman, or doctor (and not the Ebola kind!) Why don't parents encourage their kids to channel their heroes and role models? Sure, it may be fun to see a young girl dressed like Kim K., but at what cost? It's degrading and demoralizing--and certainly doesn't teach us to value ourselves. It just teaches us that it's exciting to poke fun at nothing of substance. And when it comes to decorations, what happened to a nice wreath, cute black cat, and a bunch of friendly pumpkins and spiders? Why is it acceptable to encourage torture and catastrophe? When I was growing up, I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, a clown (no---not the chainsaw wheeling kind!), and a cute girl in a 1950s poodle skirt.

So this year, encourage the making of happy memories and new traditions. Eat the candy, have the fun, and most importantly be safe in all ways.


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Make The Past The Present

I know, I know...for most of you, we are halfway through the last day of the Tory Burch Private Sale. You are probably wondering why I wish to blog about it now--but there is no time like the present--because there will be another sale, and if it's anything like this one, it will be fantastic! I admit, sale prices are still sometimes too high. However, this time I feel that the team has created some amazing deals--truly making these sale items the definition of "affordable luxury." 

So what if it's a past season blouse? Why does that have to be such an evil phrase in fashion? Just because everyone else has already worn it and is on to the next hot item doesn't mean you shouldn't rock it. It just makes you smarter actually--because you saved some money and still look gorgeous. I've always been fond of saving the best for last...and wearing it better than the rest. : )


Autumn in Santorini

One of my absolute favorite brands is J. Crew. I went for years thinking that their style was not my style--and then one day, as I was shopping at Mall at Millenia, I decided to "just browse." That was the beginning of what eventually led to two closets stuffed with shirts, dresses, and Tippi sweaters in more colors than Joseph's amazing dreamcoat. Their style was indeed my style--and always will be--because J. Crew is timeless.

I love getting the J. Crew style guide in the mail each month. There is something special about having it in my hand that no website surfing can match up to. It's old-school, classic, cool--and something I look forward to. This month they have turned the chic Santorini summer party into an extended fall soirée. Seasonal transition in Greece?! Yes, please!

And nothing says transition like the Dutch Floral Cropped Sweatshirt. Flowers + fall--a perfect combination. The Regent Blazer in Red makes for a great pop of color over classic navy and white. The Wool Melton Toggle Coat in Heather Turquoise is delightful--a fresh color in a fall texture. I always love their statement tees--my favorite for October is Hugo Guinness for J. Crew's Dog T-Shirt. I have some of his previous collaboration tees too--"Luxury Item", "Masterpiece" and "Nobody's Perfect" to name a few.



The Seahorse + The Daisy

top: J. Crew || denim: Chico's (similar) || handbag + shoes: Tory Burch (similar) || sunglasses: Ray-Ban ||bracelets: Lilly Pulitzer and Alex + Ani (Shell, Sailboat) || rings: Heart c/o Poshmark (similar) + Love Knot, Ariel Gordon Jewelry

One trend you will notice over and over again here on the blog is that I am in love with all things 
J. Crew--especially their super comfortable and cute t-shirts. I have an obsession with both the regular and J. Crew Factory styles. This beautiful seahorse tee was perfect for a day over by the beach. The blue and white color combination made me feel as if I had already set my sights on the Atlantic. I paired it with one of my favorite Tory Burch totes, the Mini Ella in Daisy, which brought sunshine to my entire look. 

Staying with the nautical theme, I wore three of my favorite bracelets: the blue anchor rope bracelet from Lilly Pulitzer and my Alex + Ani shell and sailboat. I really love the meaning behind each of Alex + Ani's creations. For more information on the positive energy of my jewelry, visit the link under my photos.


Coffee Table Love

I love statement pieces--beautiful jeweled necklaces, bold floral prints, sequined sneakers, you name it! But the one statement piece I love most is a good coffee table book--and lucky for me (and you!), two of my favorite brands have come out with some paper eye-candy this week.

Tory Burch published her first, Tory In Color, and just by the look of the cover, I know it will be fabulous! I have looked forward to something like this ever since I stepped through those big orange doors several years ago (I worked for Tory.) Her world is classic yet dramatic, flashy yet subdued, old-school meets modern chic--and I am really happy she has decided to share what inspires her and the team with all of us. Guess what my favorite chapter will probably be?! (did someone say yellow?)
However, in Tory's world, I guess I should say limoncello, daisy, dandelion--because there are many, many different shades of sunshine.

The second book on my list is Kate Spade New York's Places To Go, People To See.
I fell in love with their first book, Things We Love. Browsing the pages, I can just imagine myself stepping back in time...lounging in my 5th Avenue apartment (in pearls and polka dots of course!)...waiting for my sweetheart to arrive home, sipping decadent martinis made on our luxurious bar cart, and dancing all night to Sinatra-like melodies. 

This new gem should be just as exciting. Travel tips, witty quotes. It makes me want to travel to Rio or Havana, Nairobi or Mumbai--snapping photos of exotic people and places accessorized in something quintessentially Kate. 

Holiday present, birthday present, or an "I'm just celebrating everything" present--these two books are sure to make life a little bit grander.


A Perfect Combination

Happy Columbus Day! 

Many Italian-Americans observe Columbus Day as a time to celebrate their heritage--and even though I'm technically Scottish-American by birth--I have officially decided to go back to my true roots--the heritage of my heart--Italy (I think speaking the language, sailing on the MSC Poesia and calling Firenze my second home gives me this honorary title!)

I love all things about Italian culture, family, food and life. So I'm converting. : )

May this day be a day to celebrate all that is beautiful in both the Italian and American cultures. We have both given each other so much over the years. God Bless America and God Bless Italia.

And with that being said, I'm treating myself to a glass of wine tonight...because as we say in Italian "un giorno senza vino è come un giorno senza sole."
(A day without wine is like a day without sunshine)

"This is life. Nothing is easy...yet nothing is impossible."


Two Little Birds

Bob Marley had three little birds. Chantel Waterbury has just two--but powerful and mighty are they. In 2010, she started a social retail brand that uses independent sales associates, or "merchandisers," to sell unique and affordable jewelry online and in the comfort of one's own home through "pop-up" parties. The company (and the birds), Chloe + Isabel, represent the friendship philosophy--ideals, balance, modern, vintage, classic, cool. One is yellow, one is blue--and together they are golden.

I feel so blessed to be a merchandiser with this fantastic company and concept, and I look forward to sharing our exquisite collections with you. Each piece is designed in New York City, branded with signature c+i closures, and packaged in an adorable keepsake pouch. All jewelry is hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead safe, and the best part of all is that there is a LIFETIME guarantee! The collections vary in inspiration--the sea, exotic travels, and our newest--Botanica. We also have our exclusive Birthstones and Tresors collections. You are guaranteed to find something special with Chloe + Isabel!

I encourage you to browse my boutique either by clicking HERE or the super cute logo in my sidebar. Become a part of my super-exclusive shopping network today! And follow along here on the blog for new and exciting updates and collections.


Poshmark. I cannot begin to tell you just how passionate I am about this amazing company. The app, the website, the blog, the community, the friendships--everything about it is a cut above the rest.

I stumbled upon Poshmark back in the spring of 2013, and I have had a love-affair with all things "posh" ever since. For those of you who are not familiar with what it's all about, Poshmark is a very special place where you can buy and sell new or gently-worn women's clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. With all of the trends and options out there in today's world, Poshmark makes it easy to buy something you love, wear it a few times, and then sell it to someone else who can treasure it as much as you did. Or, maybe if you're like me, you have bought something with the best of intention, thrown it in the back of your closet, and once you pull it out again, realize the style, size, or color just isn't right for you anymore. Solution? Sell it on Poshmark! There is always going to be someone somewhere looking for your fabulous item.

Not only is Poshmark my #1 choice to buy and sell--it is also a place to get social and make lasting friendships. I have met and communicated with so many beautiful women through Poshmark. They "share" items in my closet, and I "share" items in theirs. We help each other prosper, and that's a lovely concept. The best part of all, is that all of the women and men who work at Poshmark are accessible and here to help you succeed--whether it be through the FAQ section, or standing by you with Posh Protect--you can feel comfortable and safe from beginning to end--seller or buyer!

Please visit my closet on a regular basis by clicking HERE, or on the Poshmark logo on my sidebar. I am always adding beautiful items and consider all offers within reason. I always enjoy updating my real closet and sharing my "pre-loved" items or fabulous new finds (at incredible discounts) with my readers!


Knowing Me, Knowing You

Since this blog is brand new...and we are all in the process of getting to know one another...I thought I would do a fun post with 29 fun facts about myself (the 29 for my age...and the fun facts for a "breaking the ice" maybe we have something random in common "aha" moment!) 

1. I am an only child.

2. I am left-handed.

3. I am the Imelda Marcos of Tory Burch flip-flops.

4. I sometimes have emotional meltdowns at 4-way stops (crazy Florida drivers!) 

5. One of my nicknames is Snow White.

6. I'm 5'7 (and a half.)

7. I drop everything I am doing every four years to watch the World Cup with intensity.

8. My favorite ice cream flavor is Ben + Jerry's Chunky Monkey.

9. I once had my tonsils taken out and was rewarded with a plush rabbit from a Rockefeller.

10. I collect signed copies of my favorite books.

11. I love to travel.

12. I secretly want to sing with the live karaoke band on a cruise ship--and not the off-key kind of karaoke...but the I belt out "Let it Go" in perfect pitch and so amazingly that everyone from decks 5-8 look down into the lobby in awe. : )

13. The lucky charms in my wallet are a poker chip from the Jewel of the Seas and a Cayman Island Dollar.

14. I can go into any store and pick out the most expensive item without even trying (some say it's a gift.)

15. My mom is my best friend.

16. My dad once worked for Time, Inc./ Life Magazine in New York City.

17. I sponsor two beautiful elephants, Ndara + Ashaka, through The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. I also sponsor a child with World Vision named Mary. She lives in Kenya and lights up my world with her lovely smile.

18. I finished high school a year and a half early.

19. I think that the Doge's Palace in Epcot's Italian Pavilion is more impressive than the actual one in Venice.

20. I refuse to eat in any Italian restaurant where the menu items are not displayed in proper Italian grammar.

21. I was asked out on a date by the lead singer of The Script (and I politely declined because I had no clue who he was.)

22. My favorite thing to do is "people watch"--airports, Disney, buffets on ships--it's so entertaining.

23. My favorite sport to watch in the Olympics is gymnastics because I have a strange obsession with Tim Daggett's mostly "they could do better" commentary.

24. I once played the violin and piano. Actually, I can still play the piano but only if I use those books where the notes are big and bold and have the letters in the middle of them. 

25. The Truffle Fries at Disney's Wilderness Lodge's Territory Lounge changed my life (don't ask me why...I just seemed to have developed into a better person since I ate them.)

26. My favorite wine is the Graham Beck Gamekeeper's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

27. To this day, I have never recovered from the demolishing of The Golden Girls' house on Disney's MGM (pardon my french) Studios "Residential Street." How on earth could a new stunt show be more important than daydreaming of 1980s Miami?!

28. I walk my community every morning--usually doing 3-4 miles.

29. I am so thankful for my life and am always looking for ways to spread sunshine and happiness.

Now, it's your turn. Leave a comment and tell me a few random facts about yourself. I would love to get to know what makes you YOU!


Intention + Purpose

FYI...I plan to make this blog unique. I'm not saying that I don't love to read the blogs that focus on how to apply eye shadow properly, or how to style the color of the year with autumn's hottest boots. Sure, I will have style and beauty posts. However, I want to make this blog more than just about me or material things. I'd like to think I'm interesting, and I do love clothes, handbags and shoes--but I want to blog with intention--or at least my version of it. I want to highlight what's right in the world...causes I support...places I find peace...people I admire. I want to reach out to all demographics, especially young women, and give each and every one of you a place to be inspired, learn something new, and dream. I want you to feel free to ask me questions on life, love, health--anything your heart desires. I want to make a difference. Be your big sister. Be a friend. Just be. Each post represents honesty, truth and my genuine spirit for all things beautiful.


Hello October

"I'm so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers."

L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables